bit by bit

Just had to share my excitement tonight… I’ve been ‘practising’ my photography lately, just over the past week or so, since I have recovered from my 7 week long ‘virus’, and as usual, have either seen a photo here or there, read a post, looked into certain styles or methods or tricks or tips before heading out with my trusty Canon (which is only the baby of Canons, but does the job at the moment!).

So I’ve been taking lots of photos this week, it’s holidays so I have time, and it’s Spring so there’s flowers and buds and sunshine, and I’ve been posting some of them on Facebook, on my personal page, my Little Things That Catch My Eye page, and every now and then I post a photo on the Camera House page, which is where I have ‘met’ some lovely fellow photogs from various places, but surprisingly, several of them actually live quite close to me. Back to the point at hand… they say practice makes perfect, and I have to say, without any intention of trying to talk myself up, I’ve been pretty happy with my efforts this week. I can see the improvements in my own work from 12 months ago, which was about the time I decided to make an effort to take photos just for the sake of taking photos, as opposed to having a camera just for those family outings, get togethers and parties. And so bit by bit, my confidence grows and I’m seeing the results of all that reading and googling and practising, in photos that people comment on and appreciate.

Anyway, while taking photos and posting them here and there has been lots of fun, my excitement tonight comes from having been ‘highlighted’ on the Camera House Facebook page. Over the past 2 days I’ve posted 3 photos on their wall, and all 3 of them have been highlighted. And, having seen an awful lot of truly amazing photos on that wall, I’m flattered that they’ve chosen mine to highlight this week. There are others as well, of course, but given that I still consider myself such a beginner, and my camera is such a baby in the DSLR world, I’m pretty happy with that little bit of recognition.

feel free to have a look, it’s not a big deal, but it’s a little achievement that I’m proud of. 🙂


One thought on “bit by bit

  1. Update – Winners are grinners! One of the photos that was highlighted just won a runner up prize in the weekly competition run on the same page!! It’s only runner up, and it’s one of 10 runner ups, and it’s only a $20 voucher to use at Camera House, but there were nearly 600 entries, and my photo was in the top 10, and I’ve been entering the comp for over a year, so I’m pretty happy with my little win.

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