what weeds look like at sunset in spring

First Saturday after Winter sports season wrapped up and Spring put on a perfectly glorious day. For the first time since Easter I was able to hang my washing outside and it dried! Hung out at the Sporting Club for an hour or so… nothing like that first taste of Summer.

Seeing as how it was so sunny and nice, obviously the neglected Winter garden called to us. The overgrown grass, the weeds, the leaves in the bottom of the pool… and I figured that, seeing as how this week marks the 11th year since we moved into our first, and only, brand spanking new house, it was time for a touch of paint on the front door and verandah.

A quick trip to our local Bunnings, found a lovely new colour for the door, back home, scrubbed and painted the door while the sun shone. Husband mowed the grass on the nature strip, teenage son did some tidying up in the back yard, teenage daughter and her bestie took the dogs for a walk, then let them escape and had to chase them as they ran around the the reserve and through the creek across the road.

After I finished painting, I stood back and admired my handiwork for a couple of minutes and decided I still had enough light to head down the road to the nearest Canola field and try to snap some ‘spring’ photos for an online competition. Sadly, when I got down there, I discovered that someone had already chopped the crop, and the sun was almost setting. Disappointment kicked in. But as I drove a little bit further down the road the following weeds caught my eye…





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