new dream

Well I think it’s been about 2 weeks since I last posted anything. Once school went back, as much as I really wanted to keep up with my blogging, I just ran out of ideas. School seems to suck the life out of me… or at the very least, the imagination and inspiration. While I drive to work I keep a look out for something to photograph, every day I’m looking for something that stands out, that I haven’t already stopped to photograph on the way to or from school each day, and I do manage to snap a couple of photos here and there, like this one of a cobweb on the fence after a foggy start to the day


but inspiration just goes missing when I have weekly plans to write, after school meetings and yard duties in the rain.

However, the local soccer season started last weekend and I had the chance to head down and take some photos of the newest and youngest members of the club, the under 7s, before heading out to my own son’s game. The excitement on their little faces was awesome. It was contagious and inspiring. And I wished so much that I had had a digital camera when Ryan started playing 10 years ago, instead of my little point and shoot 35mm that I had to buy film for and then pay to get them developed and then wait to see if there were any decent shots on the roll. So, anyway, I got some lovely photos of the little kids with my lovely little Canon and I love them so much I’ve set my heart on a new career. I no longer want to be a wedding photographer, I want to make a living out of taking photos of children in sport. And I mean children. Not adults in sport, not even teenagers really, although I did get some great snaps of our under 13s as well, but little kids. The joy, the excitement, the anticipation, the tears, the celebrations. I love it. And if I wasn’t putting my own kids through private school I’d be so so tempted to just spend my weekends snapping away as the kids chase a ball around a pitch, even knowing there’s no money in it.

So here’s a few of my faves from last weekend.


and they’re off… running towards the ball at the first kick off


celebrating after their win


plenty of spills and thrills at this age


guarding the goal


my little nephew… such an intense look on his face as he has a shot.

I’ve only posted photos that I have put on our club’s facebook page of kids whose parents I know, and there are many more of them with much more joy and excitement on the kids faces, but I’m reluctant to put them up due to not really knowing all the parents well enough to say they won’t mind.


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