leaving on a jet plane…

Today is the last day of the school holidays. Soccer season started this morning. And I’m sending my 14 year old daughter to Thailand without us tonight. She’s going with school, for 8 weeks. And I’m starting to get really quite nervous. Our son went last year, and he had an amazing time. 2 months of semi independence, learning all about Buddhism and Thai culture, working with the elephants at  the elephant conservation centre for a week, community service in the hill tribes, building things at orphanages and working with novice (9 year old) monks in the mountains.

(this is one of their community service tasks, building a new boundary wall for an orphanage in the hill tribes – Ryan’s the one in the green tee)

It’s an amazing opportunity that we’re giving them. It’s an EXPENSIVE opportunity, but amazing. And she’s so excited. And nervous.

I had thought, seeing as how I managed to let my baby boy go last year, this year would be easier. Especially since Caitlin and I are very alike and we clash almost every day. And she’s typically 14, with an attitude that could make her a poster girl for 14 year old girls all around the world. And she’s been, in a typical 14 year old girl way, driving me insane over the past few weeks with attitude, and I’ve been telling people I can’t wait for today. But now that today is here, I’m a little bit stressed, and a little bit teary and I’ve found myself clock watching and counting down til 7pm when I have to get in the car and drive her up to school and wave her goodbye for 8 long weeks. I hope she loves it. I hope it’s everything she hopes and wants it to be. But I will miss her dreadfully and more than anything I hope  the 2 months flies by and she comes back to me safe and sound.


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