tomorrow’s weather forecast is for a perfect Autumn day so I’m thinking I might get up early and head out with my bestie… aka, my Canon.

I’ve been driving to work, in the weeks before the holidays, and watching the sunrise over the fields. With the end of Daylight Savings (last weekend), the mornings were getting darker which meant that my drive to work, apart from the odd stretch here and there where I was driving straight into the low sun, has been simply beautiful recently. There have been some amazing sights

of the sunrise coming through an early morning fog,


farm animals grazing,

the outline of the awesome city of Melbourne,

and pea soup like fog, where I could barely see my hand in front of my face

and even, the one day that I simply chose NOT to take my camera with me (for the simple reasoning… “I’m not likely to see anything new this morning, I’m not going to bother) a giant eagle, sitting on a fence post, staring into the rising sun with a very low ground mist behind him!!!   My daughter said to me that night “did you take a photo on your phone?”, which I hadn’t even considered, not being a teenager. And then, to top off that shattering missed opportunity, at the end of that week, I again chose not to take my camera with me to junior soccer training on the local oval, thinking, “it’s a bit drizzly, I don’t want it to get wet… but there might be a rainbow… but it’s really raining, and it’s nearly dark so that’s unlikely”, and sure enough, about half an hour after I got there, the MOST stunning full double rainbow appeared over the back of the oval.

But the silver lining of these missed opportunities is that I now remember why I pick up my camera every single day as I head out the door to work.

So anyway, now that the clocks have gone back the sunrise is around 6.30, not 7.30, which means an early start, and since it’s nearly 12.30am now, I’m not too sure how I’ll fare when the alarm goes off. I’m not even sure which direction I’ll go in… probably down to the waterfront, not too far but obviously a different view from the one I get each morning on my way to work driving through the country. But we’ll see what tomorrow brings…


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