so today I spent the entire day (well, most of it) finishing editing my sister’s wedding photos, giving them all that cross processed look that she specifically asked for. When I was done, I headed out and printed up 130 photos for her… only to remember, half way through the on screen selection process, that actually, cross processed photos don’t print that well in my experience. But seeing as how I hadn’t included many of the non processed ones, because that’s the effect she wanted on her photos, it was too late to change my mind. So I finalised my order, paid for it, and waited with baited breath to see how they would come out. And half an hour later I discovered I was right… they are mostly pretty, well, extremely, average looking. And not because they’re average shots, they’re nice photos, like really nice.

So my question is this… why? Why is it, that while photos that are cross processed look so pretty on a screen, they look so flat and dull when printed? Or maybe it’s just those that have skin tones in them… as in… people. The ones with no people in them have actually come out okay.

I had planned to give them the album tomorrow when they come around for dinner (they only live around the corner, but we’re all busy people so we actually don’t see too much of each other!), but now, since I already have plans for tomorrow and will be out most of the day, I’ll have to try and get them reprinted first thing in the morning and sort them into the album before Sunday, when we all go to our Mum’s house for Easter lunch.

Disappointed, but not too surprised because, as I said, I had already discovered this, but had sadly forgotten it.

Maybe there’s something I’m missing… or maybe it’s just that Harvey Norman photo centres are not the best place to get them printed, although I have to say, I print all my photos there, at 9c a print it’s a complete bargain! And I’m usually always pretty happy with the quality. Any suggestions, thoughts, ideas welcome, in fact, invited! As I said yesterday, the whole point of my little blog is to ultimately build on and improve my knowledge and skill, so I hope someone can help!


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