what I did today

So today, before I created this little blog, I was just surfing Facebook and generally hanging out at home (because it’s holidays so I can!) when I remembered I needed to go pick up my photos that I entered in the local food and wine festival photo comp. I didn’t win…  I hadn’t actually expected to win, but I had thought I would lose to something awesome and inspiring, which I didn’t, but that’s another story. So, I remembered this morning to go and pick up my photos or they would be thrown out (!!!!!!!) and I went round the corner to collect them and then decided to check out our new local library, which has only recently opened, and see if there was any decent holiday reading in there. This is what I ended up checking out…

I’ve started flicking through them and am pleased to discover that much of what is written in them is stuff I already know and/or do when I’m taking photos, which is a good start!

I also took some photos today of other books, after being inspired by the Typo photo challenge on Facebook. Today’s theme is ‘a little touch of vintage’ and I think I covered it nicely.

I actually quite like this photo and am considering printing it up… not sure where I’d put it,  maybe if I had a library…


7 thoughts on “what I did today

  1. Ooh yes, the vintage appeal. I do love the cross processing technique. I recently enrolled in a digital photography class (almost three weeks in now) because I’m about done with school and figured I could take one of my freebies. It’s really fun. I thought I was going to graze by because I already know a lot about photography, but it’s truly challenging. Good luck with the reads! The only thing better than knowing everything is learning something new!

    • it’s my favourite technique at the moment… I’ve been using Picnik and it’s so easy with it’s one click edits, but it’s about to close 😦 and I haven’t yet found another FREE program that’s as simple to use.
      And I totally agree with the idea of learning something new…

      • If you have Photoshop it’s soooo easy to do it on there. I was on a cross processing kick for awhile, but then I switched over to tilt-shift. Now I’m just kind of doing what my teacher tells me to. He read my blog the other day and now he’s been emailing me with “challenges” haha. If you need help with learning how to do it on photoshop I’d be glad to lead you down the easy road.

  2. Thanks for the offer Lina. My mum is actually teaching a Photoshop class at the moment, so I’d be okay with the learning part of it, my issue is that I’m ‘attempting’ to save some money this year so can’t justify spending that much money on the program. I’ve downloaded GIMP, which apparently is nearly as good, but I have absolutely NO IDEA how to use that either! Will definitely be giving it a work out while I’m on holidays for the next 2 weeks though… if I don’t spend all my time blogging! 🙂

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