the first post

Hello there!

Welcome to my little blog.

This isn’t my first foray into the world of blogging. I’ve started a few blogs over the past couple of years, the most recent one being in early February this year, but sadly none of them have really hooked me (or others!) in and I’ve given up on them.  I’ve started this one because I’ve been inspired by a few very cool blogs recently, that range from teaching, to photography, to renovating, cooking, and even a couple of blogs that are simply about blogging. Since I’m new to all this and haven’t figured out yet how to ‘follow’ them via my own blog I’ll just put links to their pages here.

just to name a few…

So, back to my own little blog… I’ve been thinking about all the different things I have going on in my life at any one time. I have Facebook, which I love, and that helps me to document a little bit, but I’ve been using that more and more simply for posting my photos, which is my little hobby, and complaining about my real job, which is teaching primary school children. I say complain, I do love my job, it challenges me and rewards me at the same time, well, not really at the same time, but you know… it is extremely frustrating working in the public education sector though. Not even going to get into that argument though, suffice to say, if you’ve been a parent of a child at a government school, or you’ve worked in one yourself, you’ll know where my frustrations stem from!

But I digress, again… I’m a wife and mum, a soccer mum to be more precise. I do lots of work for our local club, just so the kids can get a game.  I have two teenage children, the boy, Ryan, is going on 16 and thinks he’s pretty much the king of the world at the moment. He’s Mr Teenage Invincible and Never Wrong. Our daughter, Caitlin, is oh so typically 14 ! She’s got an answer for everything, whether she’s right or wrong, and she doesn’t care if you agree or disagree. My husband also works full time as a buyer for a supermarket that shall remain nameless (for now) and he coaches soccer… all year round.  I teach children, and I have some fabulous days that are truly share worthy. I take photos on the way to and from work, during the day, when I get home, all weekend, of all manner of things really, whatever catches my eye… hence the name of my blog and my facebook page

(I put lots of photos up there, feel free to like it and check them out!)

So ultimately, I’ve started this little blog because I’m a chatter, I’m creative and I think I have stuff to share and maybe I can use it to help me move forward, either as a teacher, mum or would be photographer. Who knows what sharing might lead to… hopefully only good things. Wish me luck!



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