I might get addicted!

My initial reason for blogging is to get my photography out into the wider world, while continuing to build and grow my own abilities and skills through a shared passion. I was truly inspired by a website called Snippet and Ink, which I stumbled across while looking for inspiration for my sister’s wedding photos. If that makes sense… I was looking for the type of picture I would like to be able to take at their wedding, because they told me they wanted a certain style when they asked me to take their photos for them, and Snippet and Ink  had just what I was looking for. Their photos are just gorgeous, their themes are fabulous, and even though I’ve been married for 16 years (last Friday!) so am definitely not in the market for wedding inspiration, I just love their website. So with such inspirational wedding photos in my mind I headed off to their wedding in the gardens on St Patrick’s Day with my trusty Canon in hand and I took over 3000 photos. It’s taken me nearly 3 weeks, bearing in mind that I do have a day job, and I do have 2 teenagers lounging all over the place and complaining about everything I ask them to do, but I’ve nearly finished editing the final selection of photos for printing and putting into an album for them. I don’t know how many of them will ultimately be Snippet and Ink worthy, but here are  few of my faves so far…

Imageyes, my sister wore custom made Converse…

Image tulips were the flower of her choice


this one is unedited, but I love it as it is, simply due to the pure happiness that comes through


and this one is one of their faves, that they’ve already had printed up to frame


and then there’s this one… that I shot as we headed back to the car.


and I have to introduce you to my little nephew, my sister’s youngest child, Matthew, barely 7 years old, who walked her down the aisle (garden path) to give her away to his new step-dad. He looked super cute and was such a little champion on the day, eventually crashing out on both his new uncle’s, then big sister’s laps.

There’s so many more that I’m really happy with, the unedited album for sharing as much of the day with absent friends and family who are in WA, Aus, where my sister has recently moved back from, and in the US where the groom comes from, as possible, is here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150619369847496.385410.624837495&type=3 feel free to have a wander through if you’re interested.

I’ll leave you with this one of the cake, that my mum made… it’s completely unique with Japanese cherry blossoms and snow capped mountains, and yes, topped with Pearl Jam Stick Man custom made cake toppers, to celebrate their shared love of the band, which is what brought them together in the first place.


thanks for looking!


4 thoughts on “I might get addicted!

    • thanks Karly. I did these ones and my brother’s big fat Greek wedding (we’re not Greek, but his new wife is!) a month before that, and it was SO much fun! I’d love to do it again!

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